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What to Expect Next - After Head and Neck Cancer Diagnosis

The What to Expect Next (when newly diagnosed with Head and Neck Cancer) animation is a valuable resource for anyone who is newly diagnosed, their carers, friends and family members.

When someone is diagnosed with a type of Head and Neck Cancer, they often have never heard of the disease. It is a stressful time and absorbing information from a clinician can be difficult, especially when faced with new terms such as ‘multidisciplinary teams’ which are so important to Head and Neck Cancer.

HANCA worked alongside current and former patients and carers to inform the content and create a warm and informative animation that can be viewed as many times as required.

The animation provides information from diagnosis to treatment to specifics like HPV related cancer and the use of immobilisation masks in radiation therapy, as well as more general topics such as emotional wellbeing and finding support, and ultimately informs people affected by HNC of the reliable information that can be found on the HANCA website.

What to Expect Next was launched on 7 March 2023 at the first Head and Neck Cancer Awareness Parliamentary Breakfast in Canberra, hosted by Senator Deborah O’Neill, Senator Michaelia Cash and Kylea Tink MP, Co-Chairs of the Parliamentary Friends of Cancer Care and Cure Group.

With thanks to our Consumer Advisory Committee members:

Anna Bofinger, Qld
Carolyn Smith, ACT
Fiona Hogarth, NSW
Gavin Roberts, Vic
Graeme Lewsey, Vic
Jody Mudge, ACT
Libby and Mick Tobin, NSW
Rob Thornton, SA

Angela Hegarty, Qld
Carol Adams, Qld
Colin Lane, NSW
Kerri-Anne Orgill, NSW
Paul Mowbray, NSW
Wally Bak, NSW
Wendy Holland, Vic

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