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Optimal Care Pathway

Optimal Cancer Care Pathways for Head and Neck Cancers - June 2021

The optimal cancer care pathways describe the optimal cancer care for specific cancer types. They map the patient journey and its distinct components to promote quality cancer care and patient experiences. The resources identify specific steps, or critical points along the care pathway and the recommended care at each point.
The pathways have been endorsed by Cancer Australia and Cancer Council Australia.

Optimal Care Pathway for People with Head and Neck Cancer 

Optimal Care Pathway for People with Head a Neck Cancer - Quick Reference Guide

Head and Neck Cancer Guide for Patients

A lot can happen in a hurry when someone is diagnosed with cancer. The Head and Neck Cancer guide developed by Cancer Council Australia can help patients make sense of what should happen. They help patients with what questions to ask their health professionals to make sure they receive the best care at every step. Refer patients to the Head and Neck Cancer guide here

For General Practitioners and Practice Managers  

To support you, your practice, and your patients, you can:

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