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'Tracey lost her eye to cancer, but her prosthesis was considered cosmetic' (News Article)

An article published yesterday by Nine News about Tracey Sims, a former Head and Neck Cancer patient who lost her eye to cancer but whose prosthesis was considered a cosmetic treatment helps raise awareness of the need for financial support for those services.  

Tracey, who’s had her eye socket and part of her cheekbone removed, said she was stunned to find out the prosthesis was not covered by Medicare or her private health insurance because it was considered "cosmetic" rather than functional. 

"To know that I'd had cancer and this really is another part of the treatment, but it's not covered, it is crazy," she said. 

Liberal Senator Wendy Askew, who sat on the recent Senate inquiry into Equitable access to diagnosis and treatment for individuals with rare and less common cancers inquiry's committee, said she and other members were moved to hear the stories of people who needed surgery to areas such as their neck and face.  

"Having access to dental implants and facial prosthetics such as an eye, ear, nose or cheek is a vital step on a patient's journey to recovery, restoring their dignity and reversing the disfiguration that they have endured during their treatment," Askew said. 

"Reconstruction surgery is available for many other cancers, however, is limited for these rare and less common cancers.  This recommendation aims to address this inequity." 

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